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Dutch baby milk – renowned Dutch quality for little ones!

If you’re switching from breast feeding to baby milk, you’ll naturally want the best for your little one. You can find a huge selection of baby products in almost every country in the world, yet unfortunately many still don’t stock Dutch baby milk. Which is actually a great shame, because Dutch milk powder for babies is available from a number of respected brands and is of the finest quality.

Below is a brief overview of the most popular Dutch baby milks in the Netherlands.


Nutrilon is the best known product from Nutricia, a Dutch company that was founded by brothers Martinus and Jan van der Hagen in 1901. They were true pioneers of their profession, developing the first infant formula in the world in 1896. Nutrilon baby food has been revered for its excellence for more than a century and countless Dutch people have grown up on it! All Nutrilon products meet the specific nutritional requirements of infants, babies and children at every stage of their growth and development. Their best known products include Nutrilon Standard, Nutrilon Hypo-allergenic and Nutrilon Forte infant formula, follow-on milk and growth milk.


Friso baby food is produced by Royal FrieslandCampina, a Dutch company that’s owned by a cooperative of more than 20,000 dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. It is the largest such dairy cooperative in the world, where food safety is of the utmost priority and on-going quality and safety checks are conducted on the entire production chain, from raw milk to finished product. Popular Friso infant milk products include Friso Standard and Friso Hypo-allergenic infant formula, Friso follow-on milk and Friso growth milk.

Hollander baby milk
Nothing sounds quite as Dutch as Hollander Melkmeisje baby milk, a brand that’s produced by Dutch company Bloem, which has been a leader in the field of natural health products in the Netherlands for 75 years. All Hollander Melkmeisje baby milk powders are produced in the Netherlands, where they are packed and sealed in a protected environment to guarantee the quality and freshness of the ingredients. The Hollander Melkmeisje range includes Hollander Melkmeisje infant formula, follow-on milk and growth milk.

Nestlé Groeie Start

Nestlé is not actually a Dutch company – it has its roots firmly in neighbouring Germany, where German pharmacist, Henri Nestlé, introduced his first baby food to the market 140 years ago. Quality, flavour and nutrition are of paramount importance at Nestlé, and of course this also applies to their Groeie Start baby milk, which has been greedily consumed by babies in the Netherlands for decades. The Nestlé Groeie Start milk powder range includes Nestlé Groeie Start and Nestlé Groeie Start Hypo-allergenic infant formula, follow-on milk and growth milk.


Hipp also comes from Holland’s German neighbours – it was founded in 1956 by Georg Hipp, a forward-thinking German farmer who transformed his family business into one of the first organic farms in Europe. For more than half a century Hipp has been an innovator in natural organic baby food and the brand has proved extremely popular with Dutch parents who prefer to feed their babies organic milk. The Hipp milk powder range is completely pure and natural and includes Hipp organic infant formula, Hipp organic follow-on milk and Hipp organic growth milk.

Sweet Care

For those who want to watch their wallet but still demand the best for their baby,  Sweet Care is the ideal solution. Sweet Care is a Dutch baby milk brand that offers premium quality products at an affordable price. Sweet Care baby powders are produced in the Netherlands where they are subject to strict legal requirements pertaining to the manufacture of baby and infant foods and are thus 100% safe and reliable. Sweet Care offers an entire line of baby milk products to suit all age groups, including Sweet Care Standard infant formula, follow-on milk, toddler milk and growth milk.

If you would like to treat your baby or toddler to Dutch baby milk, then check out the comprehensive range at Holland at Home – the leading online Dutch supermarket, which offers both competitive pricing and international delivery.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

7 comments on “Dutch baby milk – renowned Dutch quality for little ones!

  1. John

    To treat baby constipation my wife and i changed numerous milk formula brands. From enfamil to friso to sustagen and Mamil and back and forth, we just prefer Mamil best cos i feel it’s healthier in terms of the sweetness which is very minimal.

  2. Azizah Hamzah

    I believe Mamil will do good for ur case bcos it has prebiotics and no sugar which is very good for children constipation thus preventing it. Also it has the highest DHA in the market now la. Try changing ur milk formula to Mamil la, and u can see results in a week time i think

  3. marleyleyyy

    Ehh better dont simply try random remedies from people’s advise leh. especially those traditional ones like herbs kind. u dont want to ended up like my LO in hospital for 3 days when he was little just bcos of his grandma careless simply let him try random chinese herbs. better seek proper medical advise la i suggest u all

  4. adelemui90

    You can try the remedies mentioned above as they are effective solution for ur matter. U can also try increase the water consumption for ur LO, cos the main reason why they’re constipated is mainly due to they being heaty. So drink more water to cool down and also smoothen the bowel movement….

  5. maryjanewong

    Can anyone help me??! i need some proper remedies for my constipated LO. My LO had been constipated frequently for almost a month now. I’m currently using friso baby formula, anyone had better suggestion on milk formula that can prevent constipation for children???

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  7. Arone Box


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