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Raapstelenstamppot (turnip greens stew)

Turnip greens are making a comeback in Dutch supermarkets, yet many have never heard of this ‘old-fashioned’ Dutch vegetable. Turnip greens are delicious in a salad and equally as good in a typical Dutch stew.


1 kilo of potatoes
A large bunch of turnip greens
1 onion
200g of bacon
A dash of vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste
1 sachet of Maggi gravy

turnip greens stew


Prepare the gravy according to the instructions on the packaging. Next peel the potatoes and cook until tender, before mashing them with a little milk and a splash of your gravy. Meanwhile wash the turnip greens, drain and finely chop and then slice the onion. Fry the bacon (without butter) in a pan until a lovely crisp, golden brown and drain any excess fat. Now stir in the chopped onion and fry until transparent. Finally stir the turnip greens, along with the fried onions and bacon into the mashed potatoes, pour in some additional gravy and serve immediately.

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