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Dutch expat clubs: a little taste of home in the Netherlands!

Expats and foreigners living in the Netherlands often yearn for a friendly chat or gossip in their native tongue, especially with those in a similar situation. Sound familiar? To discover more about the numerous expat clubs and associations available to foreigners living in the Netherlands and what they can do for you, read on!

Many wrongly assume expat clubs to be boring, old-fashioned institutions run by pedantic foreigners (who resist adapting to their unfamiliar surroundings) in dilapidated community centres. Yet, these days this is no longer the case – indeed many foreign clubs and associations in Holland now attract a young, enthusiastic and vibrant membership, who regularly organise cosy get-togethers and actively encourage integration and a greater appreciation of Dutch culture.

BitterballenSo, if you fancy a typical Dutch beer and bitterballen in a convivial Dutch café, but in the company of like-minded people from your home country, then perhaps it’s time you joined your local expat club or foreigners association. For, in addition to commemorating the traditions of your homeland, such as Christmas and New Year for example, you’ll also get to benefit from an organised introduction to traditional Dutch celebrations such as Sinterklaas and King’s Day.

The best thing about joining an expat club or association in Holland though, is that you get to meet a whole host of new people from all different backgrounds, who can offer valuable help and support in the Netherlands. And who knows – you may even make lifelong friends and acquaintances.

Want to find out if there is an Expat club or association in your neighbourhood? Then check out the handy list of Emigrant and expat clubs at the Dutch Community!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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