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Bloemkool met kaassaus (cauliflower cheese)

Cauliflower is an extremely popular Dutch vegetable, especially in the autumn and winter months, and it is particularly delicious when served with a rich cheese sauce.


1 tbsp. of flour
30g of butter
Salt and pepper to taste
200 ml of milk
Grated Swiss cheese

Dutch cauliflower cheese recipe


Remove the cauliflower heads and then rinse and place in a pan of water. Cook the cauliflower for about 10 minutes until tender and drain. Meanwhile, mix the flour with a little milk in a small bowl and stir thoroughly until smooth. Stir in some more milk and pour this mixture into a saucepan containing a knob of butter. Warm on a low heat, gradually adding the remaining milk and taking care to continually stir. Now stir in plenty of the Swiss grated cheese and season with salt and pepper. Finally, pop the cauliflower onto a plate and top generously with your cheese sauce. No time to make a cheese sauce? Then try this Knorr White Sauce that’s ready in a jiffy!

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