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Miffy gets a makeover!

International publishers Simon and Schuster have recently revealed that Miffy, the famous cartoon rabbit drawn by Dutch artist Dick Bruna, is to about to undergo a British makeover.

Miffy books

As it’s some fifty years since the Miffy series was first published in the UK, the popular Dutch children’s books are to be revamped to appeal to a more contemporary British audience and, instead of the original English translation by Olive Jones (who also gave the rabbit her English name), will benefit from a fresh interpretation by renowned British poet, Tony Mitton. The first books in the Miffy collection to profit from the modern facelift will be Miffy, Miffy at the Gallery and Miffy at the Zoo, which are due to be released in February 2014.

Dutch artist Dick Bruna originally created Miffy, known as ‘Nijntje’ in the Netherlands (which means ‘little rabbit’ in Dutch), in a bid to entertain his son, during a rainy seaside holiday at Egmond aan Zee in 1955. His picture books, which tend to contain sixteen pages, each one with an illustration and four lines of verse, rapidly became a firm favourite throughout Holland and have since captured the imagination of children around the world. He has now written in excess of thirty Miffy books, including Miffy goes to school, Miffy rides her bike and Miffy goes flying, which have sold more than 85 million copies and have been translated into over fifty different languages. And, even to this day, the 85-year-old Bruna continues to compose brand new Miffy stories for us all to enjoy.

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