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Aardbeien kwarktaart (strawberry cheesecake)

Strawberry season might be over, yet nothing quite beats this delicious strawberry cheesecake that makes an utterly irresistible snack or a tempting dessert!


1 pack of Dr. Oetker strawberry cheesecake mix
500 g of low fat kwark
250 ml of whipping cream
60 g of butter
400 ml of water
A handful of fresh strawberries

Dutch strawberry cheesecake


Open the Dr. Oetker strawberry cheesecake mix, remove the enclosed sheet of baking paper and use to line the bottom of a springform pan (24 cm in diameter). Next melt the butter in a saucepan and stir in the contents of the crumble base mix. Now line the bottom of the springform pan with the crumble base mix and place this into your refrigerator for around 10 minutes. Meanwhile, pour 400 ml of water into a bowl, add in the cheesecake mix and whisk until smooth. Next add in both the kwark and the whipping cream, whisk until light and airy and then pour over the crumble base. Return the cheesecake to your fridge and leave to set for at least 2.5 hours. Finally top the strawberry cheesecake with some fresh strawberries and a generous amount of whipped cream before serving.

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