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Anijsmelk (aniseed milk)

Anijsmelk is a traditional Dutch drink that’s thought to promote a sound night’s sleep and is particularly popular in the colder months of autumn and winter.


2 De Ruijter aniseed cubes or 1 tbsp. of aniseeds
250 ml of milk

Anijsmelk (aniseed milk)


First heat the milk in a saucepan or microwave and then stir in the aniseed cubes. If, however, you don’t have aniseed cubes to hand, you can always use aniseeds instead. In this case, simply pop the aniseeds into a tea infuser, place in the milk and allow to slowly infuse, just as you would tea. As aniseed is not naturally sweet, you can sweeten your anijsmelk using sugar or honey.

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