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The most delicious summer dishes from Surinam

The Bijlmer district of Amsterdam has played host to the annual summer Kwakoe Festival, a multicultural event where food and football are king, for almost 40 years. Visitors to the colourful festival (which is currently in full swing) can sample a tempting range of typical Surinamese delicacies including tropical drinks, Surinamese spare ribs and spicy Korean tacos, alongside fragrant Asian, African, Caribbean and South American influenced cuisine. Now you can enjoy the exotic flavours of the Kwakoe Festival at home by rustling up one of the delicious Surinamese recipes below!

Moksi alesi (Surinamese rice dish with prawns and chicken)

1 onion
1 clove of garlic
150 g of smoked bacon
100 g of prawns
200 g of smoked chicken breast
200 ml of coconut milk
500 g basmati rice
3 Maggi stock cubes
¼ of a Madame Jeanette pepper
3 tbsp. of sunflower oil

Chop the onion, finely slice the Madame Jeannette pepper, press the garlic and then fry in a large pan or wok for a few minutes or until the onion is transparent. Meanwhile, dice the bacon and chicken before adding to the wok, together with the prawns, taking care to constantly stir. Once the bacon is nice and crisp, pour in the coconut milk. Next, rinse the basmati rice and add to the wok, along with ½ a litre of water, the stock cubes and some freshly ground pepper. Stir thoroughly, bring to the boil and then leave to simmer on a low heat for 30 minutes. Remember to stir occasionally and add more boiling water to prevent the rice from sticking to the bottom of your wok if required. Finally, serve with a bowl of freshly made Surinamese pickles containing one red onion (chopped), ½ a cucumber (diced), some vinegar and a little sugar and salt to taste.

Surinaamse saté met pindasaus (Surinamese satay with peanut sauce)

Surinamese chicken with satay sauce

500 g of chicken breast
1 pack of skewers
1 cup of Javanese peanut sauce
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
1 tomato
½ tsp. Of ground coriander
6 tbsp. of ketjap manis
1 tsp. of sambal oelek

Dice the chicken and place in a large bowl, together with the chopped onion, the pressed clove of garlic and the finely diced tomato. Mix in both the coriander and sambal, add in the soy sauce and stir thoroughly. Season with salt, black pepper and sugar if desired, cover and leave to marinate for a few hours in the refrigerator. Next thread the chicken onto your skewers and cook on a very hot barbecue or grill. Finally, warm the Javanese satay sauce and serve separately.

Telo bakkeljauw (Surinamese fried cassava with salted cod)

1 kilo of fresh (or frozen) cassava
2 fresh cod fillets
1 tomato
1 tbsp. of tomato puree
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 Madame Jeanette pepper

Peel the cassava and cut into long strips. Heat a little sunflower oil in a pan and gently fry the cassava until a crisp, golden brown. Dry the cassava on some kitchen paper and place to one side. Next rinse the cod fillets thoroughly under running water and remove any skin and bones. Cook the fish for 10 minutes in a pan of water, before draining and cutting into chunks. Meanwhile, chop the onion, cut the tomato, finely slice the Madame Jeanette, crush the garlic and fry together in some oil. Finally, add in the cod and stir thoroughly. Once the cod is ready, serve on a plate with a generous portion of fried cassava.

Njang sweetie! (bon appetit!)

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