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Typical products and dishes from Gelderland

Gelderland may not be the most famous Dutch province, yet it is certainly the largest in terms of land mass. And Gelderland cuisine, which boasts the famous Gelderland smoked sausage and much much more, enjoys an equally large reputation!

Gelderse wijn (Gelderland wine)

Most foreigners (and even many Dutch) don’t realise that the Netherlands produces its own wines. Indeed, Gelderland enjoys a modest wine tradition that incorporates some magnificent vineyards such as “de Oogsthoek” (Harvest Corner) in the Gelderland village of Zelhem. This local vineyard produces several excellent wines including the ‘Johanniter’, the ‘Oogsthoek Wit’ (Harvest Corner White) and the ‘Oogsthoek Rood’ (Harvest Corner Red). And wines from “de Oogsthoek” Vineyard are exceedingly quaffable, having won many national and international awards.

Dutch jam
The finest Dutch jam comes from the Betuwe; a Gelderland region located between the rivers Waal, the Lower Rhine and the Lek, that’s literally brimming with fruit orchards and farms. The Betuwe town of Tiel is home to both Flipje (the region’s best-known symbol) and the famous ‘De Betuwe’ jam factory, which manufactures a delicious range of jams and juices. The region is also a prolific producer of ​​organic fruit juices, such as Gijs Hundred Percent Apple Juice and Gijs Hundred Percent Apple-Pear Juice.

Achterhoekse eiercake

In a province where poultry is one of the main sources of income, it’s only natural that many dishes are prepared using eggs. The Achterhoekse eiercake is a particularly sweet and fluffy egg cake crammed with raisins or Boerenmeisjes (apricots in brandy wine) and flavoured with vanilla sugar.

Gelderse Stimp Stamp

Nothing is quite as Dutch as a hearty stew. The Gelderland Stimp Stamp is a fine example – made ​​from potatoes, raw endives and fried bacon this tempting dish is served with mouth-watering Gelderland smoked sausage.

Betuwse appelkoek

Reputedly more apple trees grow in Gelderland than anywhere else in the Netherlands and the locals certainly know how to put this regional asset to good use! Their Betuwse appelkoek is an irresistible muffin-like cake made from butter and flour and stuffed generously with pieces of apple.

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