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Ideas and tips for a typical Dutch picnic

Whenever possible, the famously thrifty Dutch take food from home, be it to the office, the local park or on a family day out. Yet, bringing your own packed lunch or picnic is not only cheaper, it’s usually far healthier too. And of course you get to choose exactly what you want! So, if you’re looking for great ideas for a typical Dutch picnic, then why not take a look at our handy tips below?

Create a Dutch themed picnic hamper

A picnic basket is easily filled, but giving it a typical Dutch theme makes for a pleasant change. Dutch picnic basketTry cramming your picnic basket with traditional Dutch bread toppings such as hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles), appelstroop (Dutch apple syrup), ​​Dutch cheese, Dutch smoked sausage or Dutch meatballs. Or, if you prefer a luxury picnic, then why not choose for a broodje gezond (a popular Dutch sandwich), smoked eel rolls or a fresh spinach salad with Dutch cheese? Alternatively you can stuff your Dutch hamper with a selection of cooked dishes such as Indonesian chicken satay, banana pancakes or omelette with young spinach leaf. Browse the Dutch Community recipe section for further inspiration and you’ll have a tempting Dutch picnic basket in next to no time!

Naturally, these delectable Dutch delicacies will need to be washed down with something equally as tasty. A truly authentic Dutch picnic basket will include long life buttermilk or, in the case of those watching their weight, low-fat milk. On a blisteringly hot summer’s day, nothing quenches the thirst quite like a can of white beer or a delicious bottle of Hoegaarden rosé! If you’re taking the car, then quintessentially Dutch Hero Cassis or Spa fruit cherry and apple is just as refreshing.

Choose a cosy picnic spot and think about presentation

Place all of your chosen food items into a wicker picnic basket, a cool box or a large bag and don’t forget to pack some traditional Dutch napkins, cutlery, a bottle opener and / or corkscrew and cups and glasses. Comfortable chairs and a table are a nice touch, however for those on two wheels it’s not really practical. If you are travelling by bike then choose a pretty tablecloth and endeavour to locate one of the delightful picnic tables available at many Dutch parks and beaches instead. If a table proves elusive then simply spread out your tablecloth in a suitably shady spot, tuck in to your typical Dutch picnic and enjoy!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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