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Camping in the Netherlands – a truly memorable experience!

After the disappointing Dutch summers of late, many wouldn’t entertain the thought of a camping trip to the Netherlands. Yet, camping in Holland is a truly memorable experience for the whole family…even when the sun doesn’t shine!

Camping – the typical Dutch way to enjoy a holiday

The Dutch simply adore camping. Those who’ve never pitched a tent before often fail to understand the appeal, but those with camping in their blood know better! For them, nothing beats waking up to the sound of bleating sheep from a nearby field or spending the entire day relaxing in the great outdoors before enjoying a hearty evening meal around the campfire. Children in particular love camping as they not only get to play outside all day, they often meet new friends too.

Camping in the Netherlands

Camping in Netherlands – there’s so much variety!

You’ll never struggle to find somewhere to pitch your tent or park your caravan in the Netherlands, because wherever you are in the country, you’ll always be within 20 kilometres of a campsite. Most Dutch campsites are open from spring until autumn and advance booking is rarely necessary, allowing you to make a last minute booking according to the most recent weather forecast. Those who enjoy a holiday by the seaside can choose for one of the many campsites dotted along the coast of Zeeland, South Holland or North Holland, or on one of the famous Dutch Wadden Islands. Nature lovers can opt for campsites at the breath-taking Hoge Veluwe, the stunning northern province of Friesland or the gently undulating hills of Limburg. Even those on a Dutch city break needn’t book an expensive hotel as most large Dutch towns and cities are surrounded by campsites with excellent bus and rail links to the city centre.

Cooking and eating around the campfire

Without a doubt, one of the best things about camping is cooking and eating together in the fresh air. Dutch supermarkets offer a large selection of ready made meals that are absolutely ideal for camping including Unox meatballs in gravy, Struik kale stamppot or Bio plus pasta sauce sugu basilico and for those who prefer to prepare a traditional Dutch meal themselves there are handy mixes such as Maggi Hollands pan mushroom leek with chicken or Knorr farmers omelette mix. Alternatively you can prepare a sizzling barbecue and serve your meat of choice with a variety of typical Dutch barbecue sauces.

So, as you can see, camping in the Netherlands really does offer something for everyone!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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