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Typisch Hollands Vaderdag ontbijt (typical Dutch Father’s Day breakfast)

Why not treat your dad to this hearty Dutch breakfast on Father’s Day?


1 egg
butter or margarine
1 pack of Bolletje beschuit plain
1 pack of Peijnenburg breakfast cake sliced
1 pack of Bolletje Rond crispbread sesame
1 pack of De Ruijter Specials chocolate sprinkles extra dark
1 jar of Canisius Rinse apple syrup
1 pack of Old Amsterdam, sliced
1 pack of Douwe Egberts red aroma filter coffee
1 pack of Friesche Vlag Gold Band coffee milk
1 pack of Appelsiente orange juice

typical Dutch Father's Day breakfast


Boil the egg and prepare some extra indulgent Dutch Douwe Egberts coffee. Arrange a beschuit, a slice of crispbread and a slice of breakfast cake on a plate and spread each liberally with butter. Now place a slice of Old Amsterdam on the crispbread, smear the breakfast cake with apple syrup and scatter some chocolate sprinkles onto the toast. Pop the plate on a tray, together with the boiled egg, a glass of orange juice and a cup of freshly made coffee and creamer. Now all that’s left to do, is to wake up dad and watch his surprise as you present him with his very own Father’s Day breakfast!

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