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Emigration checklist

So, you’re planning to emigrate to pastures new? Of course, that’s incredibly exciting, but don’t forget that there’s also a lot to arrange! If you’re worried that you might just overlook something crucial during your emigration preparations, then why not use our handy emigration checklist below for peace of mind?

The following emigration checklist contains some essential tasks that you mustn’t forget if you’re about to emigrate. However, this emigration checklist is certainly not exhaustive or complete, as what’s important can vary widely according to emigration destination and your personal situation. Therefore, please treat this emigration checklist as a handy guide only – one that you can add your own items to as applicable.

emigration checklist6 months (or more) prior to departure

  • Notify family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues that you intend to emigrate
  • Inform your children’s school about your impending emigration
  • Put your house up for sale
  • Renew or apply for a passport and / or driver’s license (note: as of 26th July 2012, all children, regardless of their age, now need their own travel documentation and cannot simply be annotated in their parents passport)
  • Obtain an international extract of your birth and marriage certificate
  • Take extra passport photos and make additional copies of other important documents
  • Translate and authenticate any diplomas or other education / training certificates
  • Apply for a (temporary) residence permit or visa at local embassy or consulate of your chosen country
  • Investigate pet immigration policy in new country of residence (for more information, read our blog “Emigrating with your dog or cat’’)
  • Request international removal quotes, select removal company and choose an emigration date
  • Purchase flights (if pets are travelling, purchase their tickets first) and arrange travel insurance
  • Cancel subscriptions to newspapers, clubs etc. (don’t forget household maintenance contracts and the window cleaner)
  • Sell, give away, chuck or donate to charity all of the stuff that you don’t intend to take with you

Tip: On the Dutch government website you’ll find a helpful page called Vertrek naar het Buitenland, which includes a useful interactive tool that allows you to create a personalised checklist for all your taxation, employment, vehicle, social security and education formalities in the Netherlands.

2 to 3 months prior to departure

  • Apply for ‘Proof of Good Conduct’ (if applicable)
  • Cancel property rental contract as per departure date
  • Cancel utilities including water, energy, phone, TV and internet
  • Inform tax and terminate any benefits and allowances (such as family, sickness or housing allowance)
  • Cancel insurance policies (e.g. health insurance, home insurance, liability insurance etc.) as per planned departure date
  • Inform your pension providers of your emigration
  • Resign from your job as per your planned departure date
  • Send change of address to family, friends, businesses and any other relevant contacts
  • Start to pack your belongings

2 to 4 weeks prior to departure

  • Arrange for pets to be micro chipped and organise appropriate vaccinations and tests (note – depending on the country of destination, certain vaccinations may be required earlier)
  • Ensure that everything is packed and ready for the removal van
  • Organise a leaving party (including a party at your children’s school)

1 day to 2 weeks prior to departure

  • Sell your car (request official proof of sale from relevant driving authority) and cancel car insurance
  • De-register from civil registry and request relevant certificate of proof (up to 5 days before departure)
  • Pack all the remaining stuff that you will be taking yourself (in the plane or car)
  • Clean your house and return the keys to estate agent or housing authority

After emigration

  • Check that all cancellations and change of address requests have been processed correctly by the relevant authorities
  • Arrange voluntary pension contributions in your old country of residence (if required)
  • Complete final tax return for your old country (after end of current fiscal year)

Did we forget something in our emigration checklist? Please leave your tips below and you’ll be doing every emigrant a huge favour!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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