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Typical Dutch gift ideas for Father’s Day

In two weeks it will once again be time to celebrate Father’s Day in the Netherlands and indeed many other countries around the world. If you’re still not sure how to give your father or partner an extra special treat on Sunday, 16th June, then why not consider a typical Dutch gift? Below are some fun and original ideas for pampering your father, Dutch style!

1. Prepare a typical Dutch three-course meal

Does your dad often long for traditional Dutch fare such as boerenkool met worst (kale with smoked sausage), Hollandse runderstooflappen (Dutch beef stew), or Hollandse mosselen and chips (Dutch mussels and chips)? Then take a look at the Dutch Community recipe page where you’ll find more than a hundred easy-to-prepare, typical Dutch recipes for inspiration (if you don’t see your favourite recipe immediately, please use the Archive Search function on the bottom right hand corner of the page). And don’t forget to serve a typical Dutch starter and dessert such as Hollandse groentesoep met balletjes (Dutch vegetable soup with meatballs) and homemade chocoladevla (chocolate pudding) with your Dutch feast.

2. Give a gift hamper crammed with typical Dutch products

Although dad might appear strong on the outside, deep down even he sometimes misses the Netherlands and yearns for a taste from home. Surprise your dad this Father’s Day with a gift hamper brimming with his favourite Dutch products Father's Daysuch as De Ruijter Specials Chocolate Sprinkles Extra Dark, Douwe Egberts Black filter coffee, Venco Double Salt Rounds, Unox beer sausages, a bottle of Bokma Young Grain Gin or even a Heineken Beer Tender Keg. At Holland at Home you can create your very own typical Dutch gift hamper that can be sent to the majority of worldwide destinations within two weeks of placing your order.

3. Dress your father from head to toe in orange

It may still be another year until the next World Cup, but for most dads you simply cannot start early enough with your Orange preparations! If your father or partner is a diehard football fan who plans to support the Dutch football team all the way, then an orange hat, orange sunglasses with Dutch flag and some orange flags are an absolute must!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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