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Typical products and recipes from Groningen

Almost everyone that has visited the Netherlands will be familiar with Groninger koek (Groninger cake) and Groninger mosterd (Groninger mustard). Yet did you know that the Dutch province of Groningen also boasts an extremely rich culinary tradition that features a large range of typical Groningen products and recipes, often with highly evocative names?


Bloedbrood was traditionally made during the slaughter season and in addition to Groningen, is also extremely popular in the Dutch provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland. However, bloedbrood from Groningen is totally unique because it comes with a filling of raisins instead of bacon. Groninger Bloedbrood tastes best served with freshly cooked rode kool met appletjes (red cabbage with apples).

An eierbal is a fried, breaded ball containing a hard-boiled egg surrounded by meat ragout. You can purchase this Groningen delicacy, which is rather like a Scotch egg, at snack bars throughout the province where it is a favourite with both young and old.


A typical Groningen liqueur that is made from lemon and cinnamon. Although Fladderak is seldom drunk outside of Groningen, gin distillery, ‘Hooghoudt’, still produces its very own Fladderak known as ‘Hooghoudt Likeur Fladderak’.


The poffert (not to be confused with poffertjes) is a typical Groningen, bread-like cake often in the shape of a turban. A traditional poffert is prepared from self-raising flour, currants, raisins, candied peel, milk, eggs, butter and sugar and cooked in a special pofferttrommel (poffert drum) au bain marie. As poffert can be rather heavy on the stomach, it is usually eaten in the winter with butter and Dutch apple syrup.


The older generation in particular enjoy a glass of boerenjongens, a drink made from brandy and raisins. Boerenjongens is typically served on special occasions such as public holidays and birthdays. These days you can order a glass of Boerenjongens in a number of typical Groningen cafes and restaurants or alternatively, you can try preparing your own Boerenjongens at home.

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2 comments on “Typical products and recipes from Groningen

  1. johanna

    I love groninger oude wijven, but cant find a recipe, anyone??

  2. I really need to make some eggballs. 🙂

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