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Indische kipsaté (Indonesian chicken satay)

At last – it’s finally time to dust off the barbecue. For a fiery barbecue dish with a difference, why not try this delicious Dutch Indonesian chicken satay served with spicy peanut sauce?


2 chicken fillets

1 pack of satay skewers

1 bag of Conimex saté marinade

1 jar of Conimex satay sauce spicy

Ketjap manis

Chicken satay


Cut the chicken breasts into small chunks and marinate in the Conimex satay marinade. Place the marinated chicken into your refrigerator until the barbecue is ready. Meanwhile, back in your kitchen, heat the peanut sauce over a low heat in a saucepan. Thread the chicken onto the skewers (about 3 pieces of meat per skewer) and grill on the barbecue until thoroughly cooked and golden brown. Once ready, dip the cooked skewers briefly into a bowl filled with ketjap manis and grill for a further few seconds on both sides. Finally, arrange the sizzling chicken skewers on a plate and pour over the satay sauce. Serve with a light summer salad and fresh baguette.

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