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Spoil your mum on Mother’s Day with a typical Dutch breakfast

What better way to pamper your mother or partner on Mother’s Day than with a typical Dutch breakfast in bed! Not sure how to go about preparing one? Then take a look at these special Dutch breakfast tips for inspiration.

The Dutch tend to favour a light breakfast, particularly in comparison to the British or Americans. Which is why you needn’t get up at the crack of dawn in order to surprise your mum with a typical Dutch breakfast.

A luxury Dutch breakfast usually contains some of the following ingredients:

A breadbasket crammed with fresh croissants and a selection of breads

Whilst you can always pop to the bakers for fresh bread first thing in the morning, you can also choose to make life a little easier with a selection of bake it at home breads. With Bio + bread basket and a tin of Danerolles croissants you’ll have warm, freshly baked rolls and croissants in next to no time! You can place these into a bread basket, along with a few slices of ontbijtkoek (breakfast cake), knäckebröd (crisp bread), roggebrod (rye bread) and a couple of beschuitjes (rusk-like biscuits).
dutch breakfast
Sweet spreads

A typical Dutch breakfast just isn’t complete without a generous selection of traditional Dutch sweet spreads such as Gijs Berry-Raspberry jam, Venz Chocolate Sprinkles and Canisius Rinse Appelstroop (apple syrup). Alternatively, you can truly spoil your mum for choice with De Ruijter 8 Minis – a pack of 8 mini boxes of sprinkles and flakes in a variety of different flavours.

Savoury spreads

Nothing is quite as Dutch as a cheese sandwich. So why not arrange a few delicious slices of Milner Young Cheese, Milner Mature Cheese and / or Old Amsterdam on a plate? And, even though it’s not exactly Dutch, it’s also fun to include a couple of portions of La Vache Qui Rit cheese triangles.

A boiled egg

Most Dutch find a fried egg too heavy first thing in the morning. However, a boiled egg is regarded as a genuine treat and one that’s usually reserved for weekends. So make sure your Mother’s Day breakfast includes this firm favourite and don’t forget to cover it with an egg warmer to keep it nice and warm until breakfast is ready to serve.

A glass of fresh orange juice

There’s nothing quite like a delicious glass of fresh orange juice at breakfast. That’s why your Dutch Mother’s Day breakfast simply has to include a glass of Appelsientje orange juice, Gijs Hundred Percent Apple-Pear juice or Gijs Hundred Percent Apple-Cherry juice.

A cup of tea or coffee

Finally, don’t forget to serve your typical Dutch Mother’s Day breakfast with a pot of fresh Pickwick Dutch Tea Blend or Douwe Egberts coffee. And remember, real Dutch mums take their tea without milk and their coffee with Friesche Vlag Gold Band coffee milk!

As soon as your breakfast is ready, place a large plate on a tray and surround it with the basket of fresh breads, the boiled egg, the various Dutch spreads, the pot of tea or coffee and a glass of juice. Don’t forget to include cutlery, salt, pepper, sugar, a napkin and of course, a vase containing some freshly picked flowers or a beautiful rose. Now all that’s left to do is wake mum up gently and surprise her with her typical Dutch Mother’s Day breakfast!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit our sister blog, Heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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