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Dutch food products that commemorate the coronation

The forthcoming Dutch change of throne and coronation is truly a once in a lifetime occasion. No wonder manufacturers of typical Dutch products are releasing a flurry of special ‘Oranje’ products to remember it by. These delightful, orange coloured boxes, packets and storage tins are sure to become highly sought-after souvenirs, so grab them while you can!

verkade koektrommel

De Ruijter Oranjehagel (De Ruijter orange fruit sprinkles)

Just as they did during the change of throne in 1980, Koninklijke De Ruijter are releasing a commemorative tin crammed with delicious, orange fruit sprinkles. According to a De Ruijter spokesperson, they will be sold in limited numbers and are expected to become genuine collector’s items. Although the souvenir tin’s actual design has not yet been revealed, the spokesperson did hint that it will it boast a fresher and more modern look than that of the 1980 version.

Wilhemina Pepermunt in exclusief blik (Wilhemina peppermints in exclusive tin)

Fortuin Dockum, manufacturers of the well-known Wilhelmina peppermints, will also offer an exclusive tin in honour of the coronation. Their tin of peppermints will include a picture of both King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima and, just like its predecessors (the prolific peppermint manufacturer has already released 28 such commemorative tins), is anticipated to be in much demand.

Mona Kroningstoetje (Mona coronation dessert)

The run-up to the Dutch change of throne will no doubt be celebrated around many a Dutch dining table, which is probably why Dutch dessert manufacturer, Mona, have released a special coronation dessert. This delicious Dutch pudding, prepared from freshly whipped cream and topped with a tempting orange sauce, is bound to be the jewel in the crown of every coronation meal.

Verkade Royal Biscuit tin

Also Verkade, a Dutch company that proudly bears the Dutch Royal Warrant, is honouring the coronation by releasing a special Verkade Royal Biscuit tin (see photo), featuring a delightful picture of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. The tin contains an assortment of 9 luxury Verkade biscuits, and once empty, will make a fine addition to any mantelpiece.

Douwe Egberts Aroma Oranje (Douwe Egberts Orange Aroma)

Dutch coffee brewers of distinction, Douwe Egberts, have temporarily changed their famous Douwe Egberts Red Aroma packaging to orange, in honour of the change of throne. Although Aroma Orange will boast the same classic flavour as Aroma Red, it’s considered rather daring of Douwe Egberts, who haven’t revised the colour of their packaging in 260 years.

Plus Oranjeselectie (Plus Orange selection)

Many Dutch supermarkets are taking advantage of their own house brands to mark the coronation. The Plus supermarket chain for example, is currently stocking its shelves with orange coloured biscuits called Plus Oranjeselectie…perfect for sharing throughout the royal celebrations!

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