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Live like a king with these typically Dutch royal products

Whilst the Dutch crown might be well out of reach for most of us, you can still live like a king or queen by stocking your kitchen cupboards with those typical Dutch products that bear the Dutch Royal Warrant.

Not all Dutch companies, associations and institutions are permitted to carry the ‘Koninklijk’ (royal) status. Indeed, this honour is reserved only for organisations that have been granted the prestigious award by Her Majesty the Queen (soon to be His Majesty the King). And to qualify for royal status the company must first fulfil certain criteria – it must have operated nationwide for at least one hundred years and must also have reached a prominent position in the relevant industry. The Dutch Royal Warrant is usually granted for 25 years, after which it may be renewed.

Some of the most famous Dutch manufacturers who bear the Dutch Royal Warrant include:

de ruijter hagelslag

Koninklijke De Ruijter

This celebrated manufacturer of typical Dutch chocolate sprinkles such as De Ruijter chocolate sprinkles and De Ruijter pink and white mice, became official purveyor to King William III in 1883 and was awarded the Dutch Royal Warrant on its 125th anniversary in 1985.

Koninklijke ERU

eru goudkuipje Koninklijke ERU has been producing Dutch cheese products of distinction, such as the ever-popular ERU Gold Kuipje, since 1824. The ERU cheese factory has been permitted to carry the Royal Warrant since 1999, when it was bestowed the title by Queen Beatrix in recognition of ERU’s 175th anniversary and outstanding craftsmanship.

verkade chocolade

Koninklijke Verkade

Tempting Verkade chocolate bars are a true Dutch favourite, apparently even with royalty! In fact, Queen Juliana enjoyed Verkade chocolate so much that she awarded Verkade the Royal Warrant in 1950.

Koninklijke Douwe Egberts

douwe egberts koffie Although the Douwe Egberts Company has been in foreign hands for quite some time and Koninklijke Douwe Egberts B.V. is actually the holding company for the Sara Lee International Group in the Netherlands, the name itself is of course typically Dutch. And this royal roaster of fine coffee beans doesn’t just produce delicious Douwe Egberts filter coffee, it also manufactures a wide range of other regal coffee products such as Senseo coffee pads and Natrena sweetener.

Koninklijke De Kuyper

de kuyper oranjebitterIt’s probably no surprise that De Kuyper, distiller of the well-known Dutch orange liqueur, ‘Oranjebitter’, (which is typically enjoyed on Queen’s Day), is allowed to bear the Royal Warrant. De Kuyper, which also produces some 20 other Dutch gins and liqueurs, was awarded the Royal Warrant by Queen Beatrix in 1995, on the occasion of its 300-year anniversary. Perhaps the odd bottle of Oranjebitter might even be found lurking in the Dutch Royal Palace…

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