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Coronation of Prince Willem-Alexander on 30th April – what will change?

In just under 2 months Prince Willem-Alexander will be crowned the new King of the Netherlands. One of the most noticeable changes following the abdication of Queen Beatrix, is that for the first time in over 100 years, the Netherlands will have a King instead of a Queen. Yet there are also going to be several other significant changes, the most important of which are detailed below.

Dutch coronation

1. Koninginnedag (Queen’s Day) will become Koningsdag (King’s Day) and will be moved from the 30th April (the birthday of the late Princess Juliana) to 27th April (the birthday of King Willem-Alexander), unless this date happens to fall on a Sunday (as is it will in 2014).

2. Princess Maxima will enjoy the title of Queen. Whilst the husbands of Beatrix, Juliana and Wilhelmina all had to make do with the title of Prins-gemaal (Prince Consort), as of 30th April, Máxima will be known as Koningin Máxima (Queen Máxima), Prinses der Nederlanden (Princess of the Netherlands), Prinses van Oranje-Nassau (Princess of Orange-Nassau). She will not, however, become a Staatshoofd (head of state) as that particular honour is reserved exclusively for King Willem-Alexander.

3. Princess Catharina-Amalia will become the new kroonprinses (Crown Princess). Following the coronation, the eldest daughter of Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima will be known as Prinses van Oranje (Princess of Orange).

4. Dutch stamps and coins will feature a portrait of King Willem-Alexander. Incidentally, this won’t apply to 1 or 2 cent coins as these denominations are no longer minted in the Netherlands. And the country is likely to be awash with typical Dutch products, souvenirs and orange goods emblazoned with pictures of the new Dutch King and Queen.

5. The structure of the Koninklijk Huis (Royal Family) will change. After the abdication, only the King and Queen and their children, Prinses Beatrix, Prins Constantijn, Prinses Laurentien, Prinses Margriet and prof. mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven will remain official members of the Dutch Royal Family. Prince Maurice, Prince Bernhard and their respective wives, in addition to the children of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien, will all leave the royal family as per 30th of April, which means that Dutch ministers will no longer be formally accountable to them.

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