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The growing number of organic food products in Dutch supermarkets

A recent study by the Dutch environmental organisation, Milieudefensie, suggests that the Dutch are becoming increasingly conscientious about the food that they eat. According to their analysis, the number of organic products for sale in Dutch supermarkets grew last year, despite a continuing economic crisis.

Dutch supermarkets

Their research also reveals that the average Dutch supermarket now offers a selection of some 141 organic products. And certain stores far exceed the average. Dutch supermarket chain, Plus, for example make up to 356 organic products available to its customers. To put this into perspective, the average number of organic products for sale in Dutch in supermarkets in 1998 was just 6. Plus sell the greatest number of Fairtrade products too – they stock an impressive 102 Fairtrade products in total, which is considerably more than the industry average of 35.

And compared to 2011, the range of organic products is now 22 per cent higher on average. It appears that more and more Dutch are shopping with a conscience and actively choosing for organic and Fairtrade products…a trend that according to Klaas Breunissen (a sustainable food campaigner from the Milieudefensie), is likely to continue.

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