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Typical Dutch gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated ever since Pope Gelasius I proclaimed February 14th the day of Saint Valentine in 496 AD. Although Valentine’s Day only really became popular in the Netherlands in the nineties, around 25% of Dutch people now mark the day by doing something special. And they’re becoming increasingly creative when it comes to choosing a Valentine’s gift for their loved one. If you’re looking for an extra special present this year, take a look at our typical Dutch gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

valentine's day

1. Send a gift hamper brimming with traditional Dutch products

As Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th February, it’s the ideal occasion to surprise your loved one with a hamper crammed with traditional Dutch winter warmers, such as rookworst (smoked sausage), erwtensoep (pea soup), chocomel (hot chocolate) and gevulde koeken (filled biscuits). If you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic Dutch breakfast in bed, then choose ontbijtkoek (breakfast cake), hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) and Brinta (porridge) instead. All orders placed with Holland at Home are delivered within 5 working days within Europe and within 10 working days for most other destinations (excluding 2 to 4 days processing time). So, don’t forget to you place your Valentine’s order well in advance of the big day.

2. Give your loved one a typical Dutch souvenir

There is nothing that will surprise your loved one more than a typical Dutch souvenir, particularly if they have links to Holland. Consider giving your sweetheart cute Dutch clog slippers to keep their feet warm and cosy for the winter or win the key to their heart with a typical Dutch Delft blue clog key chain. If your other half loves football then treat them to a selection of orange products such as a Holland hat with bells, an orange flag, a Dutch colours makeup kit or a fun orange glitter boa.

3. Pamper your partner with typical Dutch body care products

To show that you care, it’s important to pamper your loved one on Valentine’s Day and there’s no better way to spoil your other half than with a selection of indulgent Dutch body care products. The Dutch brand Lief (which means ‘sweet’ in Dutch), offers a lovely range of shampoos and body lotions that although specially designed for babies, are ideal for adults too. And the product name makes them an absolutely perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. If you prefer something more sensual then plump for the Rituals range, which includes the Touch of Sunrise or Men’s collection gift sets.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit to our sister blog, heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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