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What type of Dutch liquorice eater are you?

The Netherlands is famous for its impressive selection of delicious drop (Dutch liquorice). In fact, there really is a liquorice for everyone, regardless of personal taste. So, isn’t it about time you discovered which type of Dutch liquorice best suits your personality?

Dutch liquorice

The Sweet Tooth

The sweet tooth has a definite preference for zoete drop (sweet liquorice), which comes in all shapes and sizes such as Klene Muntdrop, Venco Piramides, Venco Droptoefjes and Haribo Jo-Jo’s. And whilst children are especially fond of sweet liquorice, there is certainly no shortage of grown-ups with a distinctly sweet tooth either!

The Manic Muncher

Some people are less fussy when it comes to their drop and are happy to munch on just about any type of liquorice, including zoete drop (sweet liquorice), zoute drop (salty liquorice), fruit flavoured liquorice and even mint liquorice… it’s all the same to them. Mixed bags such as Venco Droptoppers Zacht en Zoet (a mix of soft and sweet liquorice), Venco Boerderijdrop (a farmers collection), and of course the celebrated Venco Dropmix Gemengd (containing a wide selection of all your favourites) are simply ideal for this type of liquorice lover.

The Adventurer

The adventurer is continually seeking out new taste sensations. Fortunately for them, Dutch liquorice is renowned for its variety and versatility, so no drop is ever the same. If you fancy something a little bit different, then why not try Venco Griotten (flavoured with aniseed and salmiac) or Klene Ontdekkingsreizen Laurierdrop (flavoured with bay leaf)? You might also like to sample Katja Dropharingen… surprisingly tasty liquorice in fun fishy shapes that also change flavour!

The Nostalgic Nibbler

Liquorice just like grandma used to enjoy is both widely available and extremely popular in the Netherlands. Liquorice fans that yearn for a trip down memory lane can choose from several authentic varieties, including Venco Katjesdrop, Laurierdrop van Vroeger and Venco Topdrop. Indeed, the Dropglorie range from Venco was specially created with the nostalgic nibbler in mind and includes old-fashioned favourites such as Zoetmakertjes, Honingraatjes and Dropvisjes.

The Health Conscious Chomper

If you want to reduce your sugar intake but can’t survive without a regular fix of liquorice, then there’s no need to worry. The Netherlands boasts an entire range of sugar-free liquorice, which tastes every bit as delicious as regular liquorice. Health conscious chompers can satisfy their liquorice cravings with Klene Suikervrije Muntdrop, Klene Suikervrije Zoute Ovaaltjes and much, much more!

The Connoisseur

It has to be said, that certain liquorice flavours are rather more acquired than others and you need to be a real connoisseur in order to appreciate them. Dutch liquorice for the more discerning consumer includes Venco Dubbelzoute Rondjes and Klene Salmiakriksen.

The Addict

Do you sometimes find that once you start eating liquorice, you just can’t stop? Well, now you don’t have to, because you can purchase all your favourite Dutch liquorice in extra large bags, some weighing up to 3 kilos! These bumper packs are not only ideal for self-proclaimed liquorice addicts, but also for sharing with family and friends. Haribo Halve Manen, Venco Katjesdrop, Napoleon Zwartwit kogels and Venco Mintnopjes are all available for bulk purchase.

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit to our sister blog, heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

3 comments on “What type of Dutch liquorice eater are you?

  1. Bram Hermans

    I’m a Manic Muncher according to this. Honingdrop mijn favoriet..

  2. Herbie Rijndorp

    Dubbel zoute drop …. heerlijk!

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