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Dutch holiday trends – more holidays, closer to home

Given the current economic climate, you might expect a holiday to feature low on the list of Dutch priorities. Yet, according to the latest statistics, this couldn’t be further from the truth. For, despite the gloomy outlook, the Dutch are still enjoying their holidays as much as ever! And, as they tend to book their holidays as early in the year as possible (often as early as January), we thought that it would be a nice opportunity to look back at where they spent their cherished time off last year.

Dutch holidays

According to a recently published report from ‘ContinuVakantieOnderzoek’ (CVO), conducted by ‘NBTC-NIPO Research’, the Dutch went on an impressive 37 million holidays last year – a modest increase on the previous year. In general, the Dutch prefer to holiday abroad, however increasing numbers opted to spend their break at home. Last year the most popular holiday destinations in the Netherlands were the seaside resorts dotted along the North Sea and the Veluwe National Park.

Even though the volume of holidays increased slightly last year, the amount of cash that Dutch people splashed on holiday actually decreased by 3%. This reduction in expenditure was mainly achieved by opting for self-catering holidays and filling their car boot with typical Dutch products before hitting the road. Whilst the Dutch are not exactly known for being ‘big spenders’, this collective tightening of the belt is thought to be related to the global recession.

In perhaps another sign of the times, France has been knocked from its long-held top spot of most popular Dutch holiday destination, with neighbouring countries such as Germany and Belgium becoming increasingly favoured. Surprisingly, camping holidays were less in vogue last year, but this is probably due to last summer’s disappointing weather more than anything else.

So, where should you book your next holiday if you want to rub shoulders with the Dutch? Based on last year’s data, Dutch holiday hotspots are likely to be Germany, France and Belgium, in addition to the coastal regions and National Parks of Holland. And if you plan to welcome your Dutch companions into your tent or holiday cottage for dinner, don’t forget to pack some traditional Dutch food products in your suitcase!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit to our sister blog, heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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