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Nasi Rames (Dutch – Indonesian rice dish)

A delicious Dutch Indonesian rice dish with pork satay skewers and a selection of tasty pickles.


500 grams of nasi goreng rice
8 satay skewers
300g of pork fillet
1 cup of satay sauce
200 grams of green beans
200 grams of bean sprouts
1 small onion, chopped
sambal oelek
soy sauce
4 large tbsp. atjar tjampoer
4 tbsp. seroendeng
4 tbsp. fried onions
4 eggs

nasi rames


Cut the pork into cubes, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste and fry in a little oil until tender and golden brown. Allow to cool. In the meantime fry the chopped onion in a pan until translucent and add the green beans and one or more teaspoons of sambal to taste. Add a dash of soy sauce and leave to cook on a low flame. Next heat the satay sauce in a saucepan, according to the instructions on the tub. Now thread the pork cubes onto the skewers and warm briefly in a pan. In the meantime heat the nasi goreng thoroughly and fry four eggs in a separate pan. Place the skewers on plates and pour over ¾ of the satay sauce. Mix the remaining satay sauce through the beansprouts (adding a tablespoon of water will make it easier to stir). Spoon the nasi goreng onto the plates and add the green beans, bean sprouts and Indonesian pickles. Finally place a fried egg on top of each meal and garnish with fried onions and seroendeng.

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