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Dutch emigration reaches record levels!

According to the CBS (Statistics Netherlands), Dutch emigration has never been so prolific, despite a fierce global recession that simply refuses to end. And whilst some 160,000 foreigners chose to make the Netherlands their home in 2011, a record 134,000 Dutch citizens left it all behind for the chance of a better life in pastures new.

So, where are they all going?

The economic downturn that began over four years ago, has hit many of the most popular Dutch emigration destinations hard, particularly Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Greece. Yet, although the unemployment rate in Holland is currently one of the lowest in Europe, the Dutch economy as a whole has continued to worsen making the lure of foreign climes even more attractive. The CBS highlights Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, the Caribbean and the United States as some of the most sought after destinations for Dutch emigrants and it’s probably no coincidence that these are also countries where economic growth (and thus increased job opportunities) is anticipated.

What type of work do Dutch emigrants typically find abroad?

Those that wish to continue a career in the public sector should perhaps consider putting their emigration plans temporarily on hold, as most countries are implementing drastic cuts in public spending. However, according to John Hurly, a researcher from the Eurofound research institute, many countries have an abundance of work in the field of health care and care for elderly (especially in private clinics). In addition, IT experts, consultants and technicians are still finding it relatively easy to secure employment abroad. And across Europe, the service industry is expanding demonstrably year on year, albeit at the expense of specialist production jobs in manufacturing. Regardless of where the Dutch emigrate, they are strongly advised to obtain a higher education degree and to check that their particular expertise is in demand in the country where they plan to settle, before making the move.

Of course some Dutch emigrants decide to set up their own business instead – this makes them far less dependent on the supply and demand of the local labour market and infinitely more flexible when it comes to choosing a place to live. Naturally, budding entrepreneurs face their own set of challenges and whatever profession emigrants decide to pursue, they can be sure of an exciting adventure … an adventure that the overwhelming majority of Dutch emigrants appear to find immensely rewarding!

Prefer to read this article in Dutch? Then why not visit to our sister blog, heimwee.info, specifically intended for Dutch emigrants abroad?

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