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Appelpannenkoeken (Dutch Apple Pancakes)

Fancy a typical Dutch tradition? Then try these delicious pancakes as an evening meal!

1 pack of Koopmans pancake mix
7 dl water
4 cooking apples
Icing sugar
Pouring syrup

First, prepare the pancake batter according to the instructions on the package. Next, peel the apples, remove the cores and cut into thin rings. Heat a little butter into a frying pan and, using a soup ladle, pour some of the batter into the pan. Place the apple rings directly onto the batter and fry on a low heat until the top of the pancake becomes firm. Then place a large plate over the pan and gently turn the pancake out onto the plate. Add some more butter to the pan and slide the pancake back into the pan and cook the other side until golden brown. Finally, sprinkle the pancake with a little cinnamon and serve warm, with icing sugar and syrup.

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