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Typical Dutch Bicycle Accessories

In the Netherlands there are an estimated 16 million bicycles and 40% of all travel utilises pedal power. Perhaps that’s why this particularly flat nation is sometimes referred to as the bicycle capital of the world.

And, as around 1.3 million new bikes are sold every year, it’s no surprise that bicycle accessories are big business in Holland – not only do they perform a variety of essential functions for the serious cyclist, they’re also used to personalise a bike, ensuring that it stands out and is easy to locate in the increasingly overcrowded bike racks.

If you’re the proud owner of your first Dutch bike and eager to integrate fully into the Dutch way of life, you’ll probably enjoy kitting it out with some of the most popular cycle accessories in the Netherlands listed below.

Cycle bags

Known as a ‘fietstas’ in Dutch, these handy cycle bags come in an entire range of exciting colours and elaborate designs and are handy for storing typical Dutch groceries after a visit to the local supermarket.

Bike Locks

As there are approximately 700, 000 bicycle thefts in the Netherlands every year, a sturdy lock is absolutely vital. They are available in all shapes and sizes, including wheel locks, chain locks and cable locks and it’s not unusual for Dutch bikes to be protected with more than one. Be warned, an unlocked bicycle in large Dutch towns and cities is an open invitation to thieves.

Bike Bells

One of the first things you’ll notice on your maiden cycle trip in the Netherlands, especially if you brave the rush hour, is the frantic ringing of bells. And these days, it appears the bigger the bell, the better. Make sure you’re able to give as good as you get with this fundamental Dutch bike accessory!

Child Seats

During the school run, it’s common to see several children perched precariously on child seats, both at the front and rear of bikes. Whilst Dutch parents are adept at manoeuvring their awkward load, if you’re relatively new to cycling or have a particularly large family, you might want to consider investing in a bakfiets (with a large cart to the front) or a bicycle trailer instead.

Waterproof Poncho

No, you’re not in South America – this rather unflattering waterproof take on the famous Latin garment, is specifically designed to keep you perfectly dry, aboard your Dutch bike.
And, as Holland is known for its highly unpredictable weather in which driving wind and rain are unfortunately all too frequent, you shouldn’t leave home on two wheels without one!

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