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Heineken Bottles Go Green in Holland!

Die-hard Heineken fans in Holland are in for a big and possibly unwelcome surprise. Their traditional and much loved brown Heineken beer bottles, which have been in use for 80 years, are about to disappear forever. From February 2013 this trademark beer bottle, found only in the Netherlands, will be replaced with the green version, familiar throughout the rest of the beer-drinking world.

If you have been fortunate enough to visit the Netherlands, you might very well have noticed that Heineken beer bottles are brown instead of green. This strange phenomenon is the result of a number of agreements between Dutch breweries, in order to simplify both the deposit system and the recycling of glass. Heineken now no longer wishes to stick to these arrangements, as the brown colour doesn’t match with either their green labelling or its global image. The internationally successful Dutch brewer also believes that the brown bottle looks rather tired and dull, which is why they have decided to switch bottles early next year.

And this new Dutch Heineken bottle is not only green, it’s also 3 per cent lighter and boasts a slightly longer neck, just like those exported to almost every corner of the globe…except the United States where Heineken bottles feature a somewhat shorter neck to give the impression of ‘premium’ quality.


2 comments on “Heineken Bottles Go Green in Holland!

  1. Bryan Cawthorne

    The new green HOLLAND bottle……Is just like the English one (only it has 30 cl of beer in it)……And it comes with a new taste….And that’s just like the English one……CRAP..!!..So I’ll stick to the Grolish Bock…..as that’s not being made in the UK……..YET

  2. Gunther

    that sux!

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