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A Broodje Kroket – Warmly Recommended!

Which typical Dutch products or snacks should you try on your first visit to the Netherlands? According to a recent survey conducted by a well known hotel search site, more than half of the one thousand Dutch respondents suggested a ‘broodje kroket’, a traditional Dutch sandwich served with a fried croquette, filled with meat ragout.

The second most recommended Dutch dish was Dutch pancakes, followed closely by a hearty pea soup, then raw herring and finally, ’boernkool met worst’, an incredibly popular Dutch meal consisting of mashed potatoes and kale served with smoked sausage. Of course, these are all extremely tasty and certainly worth a try, but how can you sample such culinary delights on your next trip to the Netherlands?? Well, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can readily obtain a broodje kroket or Hollandse Nieuwe, directly from the many snack bars and fish stands that proliferate most Dutch towns and cities. For pancakes, pea soup and authentic Dutch stews you might have to search a little harder, but it will be worth the effort. Fortunately, these days you can also find most of these favourite Dutch products in local stores and can even order them from an online supermarket such as Holland at Home, to enjoy back home.

Interestingly, the hotel search site also asked the residents in some of the most popular Dutch holiday destinations, which typical food products they would recommend to the Dutch, or indeed any other foreign tourists. The survey revealed that the Italians would suggest sampling their famous pizzas and in particular the margherita, the Spanish their traditional cured ham, the French their delicious bœuf bourguignon and the Swiss a tempting raclette. And the Germans believe that tourists simply shouldn’t leave the country without trying an authentic Schweinebraten, whilst the British insist that fish and chips are a must for every visitor!

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