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The Netherlands – One of the Least Fashionable Countries in the World?

You certainly won’t find the latest trends and up-to-the-minute fashions on the streets of Holland. At least, that is according to the results of a recent survey conducted by an international online travel search site in anticipation of International Fashion Week, being held this month in a number of major cities around the globe.

The travel site concerned asked some 12,000 people which countries they considered to be well dressed in general – and there were some rather surprising results! Naturally, it came as no surprise that Italy was number one on the list of most fashionable countries, yet who would have thought that Great Britain would rank fourth, directly after Spain and France, in that same list?! Of course, the fact that the majority of the survey participants were British, may have influenced the results somewhat…

And Russia took the unfortunate crown for least fashionable country in the world, with the Netherlands coming in second place, closely followed by Turkey, Germany and Sweden. Now, whilst Holland may not exactly be known as a global centre for cutting-edge fashion, it’s still a disappointing blow that this tiny nation was actually voted the second worst dressed country in the entire world. Maybe foreigners haven’t yet shaken the stereotypical image of Dutch people going about their daily lives clad in a pair of traditional clogs and a typical orange hat!?

5 comments on “The Netherlands – One of the Least Fashionable Countries in the World?

  1. villabrussels

    When it comes to taste (food, fashion, interior design) the Dutch have zero. It’s. It part of their culture. We’re talking about a Calvinist, farmer culture. These things are all about utility and cheap is better here

  2. LR

    I don’t agree. There’s a lot of good-looking guys there, especially blond ones, who are well-dressed. If you come to the United States and Canada, people dress awful, especially guys. They dress way too laid back that girls would pass them up.

  3. Dutch Wendy

    I don’t agree. It’s true, the Dutch aren’t the most fasionable people in the world. But the second worst dressed, no way. I work at a school with mostly 18-year-old students. And most of them are dressed very trendy. Dutch fashion is quite relaxed, lots of jeans, not too bright colours. But when I see fashion pictures on Pinterest, mostly Scandinavian and American, it’s exactly the way the Dutch majority dresses. It’s also true that dutch people don’t go all the way dressing up for a party. It’s mostly a bit boring. But when I see british girls dressed up for a night on town (on holiday for example) my jaw drops. They look so trashy. So ok, dutch people dress boring, but at least they don’t look like they work in the red light district in Amsterdam 😉

    • LivingInNL

      It is so dutch to insult others to compensate for something they lack. I’ve seen this behavior many times now that I’ve been living almost a year in this country. Dutch pretend to be cool and chill but they are so arrogant. Dutch Wendy: I’d rather see “trashy” looks than the ridiculously underdressed Dutch people. It seems that you are so pragmatic that cannot have taste at all: Think of food (a Dutch lunch is a sad spectacle that I haven’t seen anywhere else), music (please… this repetitive house music is for real?), fashion…

      Yet whenever someone will point out some of this, you will find an excuse. Deep inside, I guess you do know how tasteless your country is.

  4. M

    Having been born and raised in Holland I am not surprised that the Dutch have been voted second worst. The Dutch generally do not put in as much effort as you would see in different countries. Having lived in Sydney, Australia now for 11 years I understand and value presenting well, and understand this is part of the culture here, but it is not part of Dutch culture where you’re not even required to wear a full suit and tie to work, nor when enjoying the nightlife is it required to go all out. Especially in the smaller towns it is very normal to go out on a Friday or Saturday night and just wear ugly jeans and sneakers. When family or friends from Holland come over for a visit I always have to urge them that they should actually bring dressy clothing if they want to go out here.

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