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Sustainable Tuesday – What’s Your Idea?

Next Tuesday, September 4th will mark the fourteenth Sustainable Tuesday in the Netherlands – a day specifically intended to actively promote a sustainable Holland. Each year the organisers of Sustainable Tuesday collect a range of innovative ideas from members of the public, that could help towards improving sustainability in the country. On Sustainable Tuesday all of these ideas, big and small, are crammed into a briefcase and formally presented to a Cabinet minister, along with any recommendations for necessary changes to the country’s sustainability laws. And in the historic old hall of the Tweede Kamer, Sustainable Ribbons are awarded to all those who made a special contribution to sustainability in the Netherlands during the past year.

Unfortunately, the submission deadline for ideas for Sustainable Tuesday 2012 expired two months ago. However, the good news is that you can already submit your ideas for next year via the Sustainable Tuesday website. You can also make a significant, personal contribution to world sustainability on a more regular basis, by choosing to purchase Dutch Fairtrade or organic products. The manufacturers of these ethical products believe sustainability is paramount and strive not only to build sustainable trade relationships with small farmers and local producers, but also to preserve the natural environment for future generations to enjoy. Online Dutch supermarket Holland at Home stocks a wide selection of both Dutch Fairtrade products and Dutch organic products, all of which can be delivered direct to your own front door.

Photo: Duurzame Dinsdag

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