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The Top 10 Products Dutch Emigrants and Expats Miss Most

Most Dutch emigrants and expats feel at least a small twinge of ‘heimwee’ (home sickness) from time to time. It’s often more acute at special times of the year, such as Sinterklaas or other traditional Dutch celebrations. Happily the Dutch abroad can now stay in close touch with family and friends back home, thanks to the internet and the mind boggling array of social media tools at their disposal. Dutch expats and emigrants can even order typical Dutch products online, making life abroad just that little bit more bearable for those who can’t live without their favourite Dutch food items. But what do the Dutch miss most?

Below is a list of the top 10 best selling products from leading online Dutch supermarket, Holland at Home. Of course, many of these delicious Dutch treats are also popular with foreigners who have spent some time in the Netherlands too!

1. De Ruijter Hagelslag (Chocolate Sprinkles

Nothing is as typically Dutch as a slice of fresh bread topped generously with hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles)! Yet outside of Holland and Belgium, it’s almost impossible to find genuine Dutch chocolate sprinkles… unless of course you’re prepared to settle for a small and incredibly expensive box of chocolate ‘hundreds and thousands’, actually intended as cake decorations, instead. Plain chocolate sprinkles are the most popular, closely followed by the milk chocolate version and vlokken (chocolate flakes).

2. Calvé Pindakaas (Peanut Butter)

Dutch kids literally grow up on Calvé Pindakaas! And Even the two times Elfstedentocht (famous Dutch ice skating race) winner, Evert van Benthem, who has lived on his farm in Canada for many years, prefers this particular brand of peanut butter above any other.

3. Conimex Groentemix voor Nasi Goreng (Vegetable Mix for Nasi Goreng)

Indonesian food is barely known beyond Dutch (and, of course, Indonesian) borders. But that doesn’t mean that Dutch emigrants go without their favourite foreign cuisine when abroad! Regardless of where they live, they can now prepare favourite Indonesian dishes such as nasi (fried rice) or bami (noodles) accompanied by atjar tjampoer (Indonesian pickles), with the help of this handy vegetable mix from Conimex, which is also conveniently available online.

4. Roomboter Stroopwafels (Dairy Butter Syrup Waffles)

Tourists who visit the Netherlands often cram one or two packs of authentic Dutch stroopwafels (syrup waffles) into their suitcase to enjoy back home. And it’s not only visitors to Holland who appreciate this delicious Dutch biscuit – it’s also a firm favourite with the Dutch, both at home and abroad.

5. Unox Gelderse Rookworst (Unox Smoked Sausage from Gelderland)

You might occasionally stumble across a sausage in a foreign supermarket that, upon first glance, does resemble a traditional Unox Gelderse rookworst. But the proof is always in the pudding and nothing quite matches the delicious flavour of an authentic Unox smoked sausage from Gelderland! Served with typical Dutch meals such as boerenkool (Dutch stew) or erwtensoep (Dutch pea soup) it guarantees a real flavour from home.

6. Peijnenburg Ontbijtkoek (Breakfast Cake)

Dutch mum’s typically treat their kids to a few slices of buttered ontbijtkoek (breakfast cake) when they come home from school. That’s why Dutch ontbijtkoek evokes such warm memories of childhood and why Dutch emigrants and expats buy it online in such vast quantities!

7. Conimex Ketjap Manis (Dutch Indonesian Soy Sauce)

Ketjap is not only an essential ingredient in Indonesian cooking, it’s also commonly used in Dutch kitchens to prepare a myriad of delicious marinades, gravy, soups and sauces. And whilst it is possible to buy ketjap or soy sauce abroad, these foreign varieties tend to be much more watery and don’t compare to the real thing.

8. Nutricia Chocomel (Chocolate Milk)

You might consider chocolate milk a relatively universal product, but for the Dutch no chocolate milk boasts the rich, full flavour of Nutricia Chocomel. A warming mug of hot Chocomel is particularly missed during the cold, winter months and the Dutch children’s celebration of Sinterklaas simply isn’t the same without it!

9. Venco Topdrop (Dutch Liquorice)

You just can’t get authentic Dutch liquorice abroad! Most foreign liquorice tastes far sweeter than the Dutch version and salty liquorice, popular in the Netherlands, is extremely difficult to come by. Venco Topdrop is a classic Dutch liquorice and one which has remained incredibly popular since the 1970’s. Klene Muntdrop (liquorice coins) is also highly prized by Dutch emigrants, perhaps because they still remember the Dutch Guilder with such fondness…

10. Bolletje Beschuit (Rusk-like Biscuits)

The first thing that greets a newborn Dutch baby is a ‘beschuit met muisjes’. In the Netherlands these tasty, rusk-like biscuits are brightly topped with blue and white or pink and white sprinkles (depending on the baby’s gender), and served to guests who come to visit the latest addition to the family. Yet surprisingly, the aniseed flavour sprinkles that traditionally decorate them don’t make the list of top 10 Dutch products. Dutch emigrants probably prefer to enjoy their beschuit as a breakfast time treat with standard hagelslag instead!

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