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Got an interesting expat story or emigrant anecdote that you would like to share? Or perhaps you have some useful tips for our community of readers? If you would like to write an informative guest blog for Dutch Community, then we would love to hear from you! Just leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

6 comments on “Write a Guest Blog for Dutch Community

  1. Dilip

    Sir/Madam, I and my wife are handicapped from childhood due to polio.We have one daughter who has completed 4 years of MBBS study out of 6 years in Ukraine. For remaining 2 years, we have to spend 17000 total USD. We have no money. Kindly help even small amount to help her to complete 2 years remaining study. Thank you

  2. Audrey Stockwell

    I have a friend who was born in Holland. She was 12 when Rotterdam was destroyed. When her family emigrated to the U,S they brought several books with them with beautiful engravings in them including one about Castles, one about Churches. One with pictures of Rotterdam before the war and two hand bound albums of snapshots taken during and after the bombing.There are about 130 pictures in excellent condition and almost all are labeled with the area of the picture. Those books are about 21 cm by 13 cm. Each picture is 8 cm by 6 cm. Is there any interest?

  3. Jillian Rosen

    I’m in the process of starting an expat blog myself. In January I’ll move to the Netherlands with my boyfriend (who was born and raised in Amsterdam) to start a master’s program at the University of Amsterdam. Together we’ve been in New York, but now are making the move back to Amsterdam! I only have a few posts as of now but will continue making the posts regular, especially when I arrive in NL. The URL is alldutchtome.wordpress.com. Let me know if we can work somethin gout!

  4. Philip van Dedem

    Buy Tickets now- Trafalgar Square London. 3 course dinner + Charity Auction + Amazing Raffle items to win + After Party with band and DJ (all drinks are included)


  5. jannijenhuis

    ga voor een kort verhaal/column + fotopagina naar http://www.jannijenhuis.nl

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