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Holland Ranks Fifth in Global Food Security Index!

According to a new Global Food Security Index compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit, food in the Netherlands is readily available, affordable and of a high quality. And Holland ranks an impressive fifth in terms of overall ‘Food Security’, with only the United States, Denmark, Norway and France achieving a higher score.

The Global Security Index thoroughly researched and compared 105 countries worldwide, focusing on the availability of adequate and sufficiently nutritious food required for a healthy and active life (which is 2,300 calories per day for the average individual).

Those countries that performed well all share a combination of similar features including ample food supplies, high incomes, low spending on food relative to other outlay and a significant investment in agricultural research and development.

Holland did particularly well in ‘Food Quality & Safety’, with above average scores in Diet Diversification, Nutritional Standards, National Dietary Guidelines, Nutrition Monitoring & Surveillance and Dietary Availability (which examines the availability of a number of essential vitamins). These results are probably no surprise to lucky Dutch consumers who have enjoyed access to healthy and wholesome Dutch food products in their local Dutch supermarkets and online stores for decades.

Pleasingly the Netherlands also fared extremely well in Food Safety, with Dutch food scoring 100%, compared to a global average of just 53.7%. Good to know, although probably the main reason that most people choose Dutch food products is because they’re simply so delicious!

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