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Top 4 Dutch Royal Family Holiday Destinations

In a couple of weeks the Dutch holiday season will get properly underway – it’s that time of year when the Dutch leave the Netherlands in droves, with or without their trusty caravan in tow, to visit popular holiday destinations such as France and Spain.

The Dutch Royal family also enjoy an annual summer holiday, but they won’t be pitching any tent or renting a house on an all inclusive holiday park! No, the Dutch royal family is truly spoilt for choice, with a selection of luxury residences where they can enjoy some well deserved rest and relaxation and finally give the paparazzi cameras the slip. They might not bring their caravan along, although we do wonder if the royals, just like the rest of their fellow countrymen, like to bring along typical Dutch food products? Favourites that the Dutch simply cannot live without, including hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles), stroopwafels (syrup waffles), dropjes (liquorice), coffee pads and Dutch cheese. Maybe they even have someone who arranges this specially for them!?

If you’re looking for some holiday inspiration of your own, take a look at our brief introduction to the Dutch Royal Family’s preferred holiday destinations below:

1. Apeldoorn and Lage Vuursche, the Netherlands
Like many, the Dutch Royal family often choose to spend their precious holidays in their native land. To guarantee their absolute comfort and privacy, there are a number of royal residences scattered throughout the Netherlands, where the king and his family can enjoy some quality time out. The most famous royal Dutch residences include the family castle, Het Oude Loo, a 15th century hunting lodge near Apeldoorn, and Drakensteyn Castle, a royal estate near Lage Vuursche (Baarn) which was the official residence of Princess Beatrix and her family until 1981.

2. Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, Tuscany
When Princess Beatrix was young, she regularly travelled with her family to Italy where they owned a country home in Porto Ercole, a small Tuscan village on the coast. Whilst the princess has continued the tradition of holidaying in Italy, these days she prefers to spend her summers in the hills around the Tuscan village of Tavernelle. She has a traditional Italian farm there, called ‘Rocca dei Dragoni’ to which she often invites her sons, daughters and grandchildren for a family break. According to reliable sources, Beatrix’s fond childhood memories have given her a strong personal connection to Italy and she is known to speak some Italian.

3. San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina
If you marry someone from abroad, there’s a strong chance that you’ll move abroad, or at least visit your partner’s home country for a holiday! King Willem-Alexander is no exception and his wife, Queen Maxima, is the proud owner of the Muelle de Piedra Estate in Argentina. The property is set in the stunning mountains that surround the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, somewhere between San Carlos de Bariloche and Villa la Angostura, just 50 km from the Chilean border. Bariloche is a popular ski resort that attracts large numbers of tourists from Argentina and neighbouring countries during the ski season, which runs between July and August. This beautiful region of Patagonia is pleasantly warm during the months of December and January, meaning that King Willem-Alexander and his family are able to swap the cold, Dutch winter for some Argentinean, summer sun too.

4. Kranidi, Greece
King Willem-Alexander and his family probably don’t wish to spend every summer on their skis, which is maybe why they recently decided to purchase another holiday home, this time near the southern Greek coastal town of Doroufi, west of Kranidi. The villa boasts several outbuildings, a swimming pool, a private beach and even its own port and of course, sea views to die for. And their neighbours presumably understand their desire for seclusion perfectly, as they include none other than Sean Connery, Vladimir Putin and Greek shipping magnates Niarchos and Mavroleon!

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