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Dutch Consumers Given Food for Thought as Cost of Breakfast Falls!

It’s said to be the most important meal of the day – it’s good news then around the Dutch breakfast table, as this essential meal actually appears to be getting cheaper. A recent assessment by ING’s Department of Economics, has certainly given the Dutch consumer plenty to chew over. According to their report, the retail price of a standard Dutch breakfast has increased at a significantly lower rate than inflation over the last ten years. Indeed, breakfast now costs just 13% more than it did ten years ago, whilst prices in general have risen by 20% in comparison.

For the purpose of the study, the standard Dutch breakfast included a generous two slices of bread with margarine, Gouda cheese, boterhammenworst (sandwich meat), one krentenbol (a variety of bun), two cups of coffee with sugar, an egg and a glass of fresh orange juice. In the Netherlands this hearty meal will set you back a modest €500 a year, only €55 more than a decade ago.

The cost-effectiveness of breakfast has been partly encouraged by comparatively low rises in the price of sugar and bread, although the cost of coffee, tea (not included in the standard breakfast), Gouda cheese and a glass of orange juice have all risen more steeply. Supermarket price wars, which were particularly aggressive between 2004 and 2005, have also helped keep the price of breakfast at appetising levels.

If you live in the Netherlands and are hungry for yet more savings on your annual breakfast bill, then the study reveals a number of money saving tips, that still allow you to enjoy a delicious start to the day. Coffee drinkers for example, might like to try switching from coffee to tea, which will provide you with an annual saving of €15 per year. If you replace the cheese, boterhammenworst and krentenbol with three slices of bread and hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles), you will save an impressive €160 and a further €74 simply by forgoing your regular glass of orange juice. And bread with Hagelsag for breakfast – who could resist that!?

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