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Kandeel (Dutch dessert)

A new addition to the family? Or perhaps another special occasion? Celebrate in style with this traditional Dutch dessert!


½ bottle of Moselle wine
20 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
5 eggs
1 lemon
150 gr of sugar
A pinch of salt


Bring 1.5 dl of water to the boil and then turn off the heat. Add the cloves, cinnamon and the zest of a lemon and leave to infuse for 1 hour. Next, strain the liquid and allow to cool. Meanwhile, separate the egg yolks from the whites and whisk the yolks in a mixing bowl, together with the caster sugar and a pinch of salt, until it develops a foamy appearance. Pour in both the wine and the water, whilst continuing to beat the mixture vigorously. Now place the bowl in a pan of boiling water and gently stir until the mixture slowly binds. Once the Kandeel has sufficiently bound, spoon into 4 coffee cups and serve with a tea or egg spoon. In the Netherlands Kandeel is traditionally enjoyed to celebrate the birth of a new baby.

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