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Versierde kaasblokjes (Decorated cheese cubes)

Perfect for a Dutch themed celebration!

500 g of mature Dutch cheese
I tin of pineapple chunks
Stuffed olives
Pickled silver skin onions
Pickles gherkins
Cocktail sticks

Cut the cheese into slices of approximately 2 cm thick. Remove the rind and then cut into cubes of around 2 cm. Drain the pineapple cubes, stuffed olives, pickled onions and the gherkins. Pierce each cocktail stick through a pineapple cube, a stuffed olive, a pickled onion, a gherkin and finally a cheese cube and place them together on a plate or bowl. These tasty Dutch cheese blocks look more patriotic if you use cocktail sticks decorated with the Dutch flag!

One comment on “Versierde kaasblokjes (Decorated cheese cubes)

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